Happy 2014!

Lots big things going on here in Texas this year, but my question is… how many of you have DJ Resolutions in mind? like, ” i wanna play a festival this year” or  ”im gonna upgrade my gear” or “im gonna sale everything and hang it up” (i say that every year and never do, lol) . leave a comment!!


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First show in like.. forever

10 years constitutes as forever, right? All I know is that it was far too long.  I had the pleasure of playing A Nightmare After Christmas in Houston TX on 12/28/2013.  THe party was a blast, and was a great way for me to break the ice and jump back into performing feet first.  My only regret was that because it was in Houston, all my Austin friends weren’t there to experience it with me.


That all said – it went great and I am so very proud to offer the live recording for your listening pleasure.  I hope you enjoy my Nightmare After Christmas set.

Blanche Live at the Nightmare After Christmas 12/28/13 by Analogaddicted on Mixcloud

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Memorial Day BLAST OFF

What a week!  It all started when Robbie Rivera, whom I have loved for a good 10 years, annunced his new single with Antoine Clamaran called Legend of the Drums. It comes out June 10 – 2 days before my birthday! Robbie Rivera can always be depended on to bring the badass, and I can’t wait to log in to Beatport and download the choon on Monday.

Then came EDC Chicago. Oh. My. God.  EDC Chicago was face melting, but in a totally different way than EDC NYC was.  NYC was just face melting, rip your hair out and make you dance like a lunatic. Chicago wasn’t quite so agressive, but was completely face melting in that “I can’t believe what I am hearing” kind of way.  Avicii, Destructo and Swanky Tunes/Hard Rock Sofa’s sets are my favorites, but you are more than welcome to go check out the se...

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EDC Live Sets

WOW what a show!  EDCNY was amazing from the sounds of it, and I suspect that Las Vegas will be 10 times as awesome if last year is anything to go by.  In case you missed the stream off SXM last night, here is a collection of the live sets that have popped up this morning.  Enjoy!

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Confession time.  I have hated DubStep since it came out.  I guess I’m just too old, but I never really got it.  Being an audio engineer, DubStep is grating on my ears.  Its just all so over compressed that the waveforms are jagged and stab me in the ears repeatedly until I feel like my brain is going to ooze out.  Not a nice feeling.  I can usually take about 2-3 DubStep songs and then I need some House or Trance for my sanity.  I made the realization that I don’t hate all DubStep anymore, today.  Big revelation!

All in all, I blame Knife Party for that.  They have been all over #ElectricArea for a couple weeks, driving us crazy.  Their monster track EDM Death Machine is simply brilliant...

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Remodeling in progress

I’ve got a lot of cool stuff in store, just stay tuned.  Music and recipes and WODs oh my!

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